Dr. Maline Glogauer, Ph.D., CPsych.
Licenced in:
Ontario, Canada
Alberta, Canada
 and New South Wales, Australia

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Dr. Maline Chaya Glogauer
has dedicated her professional career to providing a confidential, caring forum for children, adolescents, adults, parents and families. This allows for opportunities to openly identify and explore challenges, brainstorm about possible strategies and implement solutions in the most important areas of one's life.

Dr. Glogauer draws from her range of experience and training in evidence based best practice to fit the individual needs of each client. Dr. Glogauer listens to
her clients and draws from each person's strengths to assist them in finding ways to manage and overcome their challenges in life. 

Often young people feel they cannot confide in and speak frankly with their parents, even in the best of situations.  And yet, young people are often looking for someone to talk to about the turbulence that erupts, internally and externally, whilst growing up in today's world. 

There are many ways of working together to make your life more meaningful and more fulfilling.  I am happy to work with you as we explore the many paths to increasing your resilience and optimising your psychological flexibility.  

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Glogauer, call +1-647-557-7176, email
dr.maline@glogauer.com or click Contact Us.

Dr. Maline Glogauer,PhD, CPsych



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